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The US Cover of The House with Chicken Legs: concept sketches to final cover!

The US cover of The House with Chicken Legs has been revealed and it is a thing of wondrous beauty!

I LOVE how the UK and US covers for The House with Chicken Legs are completely different, but both hugely original, amazing works of art.

Scholastic, who are publishing The House with Chicken Legs in the US, commissioned a company called Red Nose Studio to render Marinka, Jack, Benji, and the House with Chicken Legs from clay and magic.

Red Nose Studio produce incredible models, puppets and stop motion animations, and Scholastic believed their mix of humour, heart, imagination, and whimsy perfectly captured the spirit of The House with Chicken Legs, and I wholeheartedly agree!

Below are some early concept sketches Scholastic shared with me, a picture of the final model, and of course the glorious final cover!

concept montage


The US edition of The House with Chicken Legs publishes in hardback with Scholastic on October 9th, and the UK edition publishes in paperback with Usborne on May 3rd.