PDF resources (click to open in new tab):

The House With Chicken Legs Teachers’ Notes

Baba Yaga Factsheet

Design Your Own Home With Legs

House with Chicken Legs Colouring Sheet

Russian Foods Wordsearch

Reimagine a Fairy Tale Worksheet

Reimagining Fairy Tales 1: Change the Setting

Reimagining Fairy Tales 2: Telling the Villain’s Story

Reimagine a Fairy Tale Villain Worksheet

Five Russian Fairytale Characters to Inspire Creative Writing (with Writing Prompts)

Baba’s Vegetable Borsch (Recipe)

Marinka’s Spiced Honey Bread (Recipe)

Guide the Sole (A Yaga Game)

Q & A with Sophie Anderson

Glossary of Russian and other words used in The House with Chicken Legs

Fifteen Russian Fairy Tales and What They Mean to Me (The House with Chicken Legs Blog Tour Pieces collated in one document)

Other resources & external links:

CILIP Carnegie Shadowing Resources including talking points and teaching ideas.

Teaching Ideas by Ashley Booth, published by Teach Primary

Year 6 Unit of Work by Teacher Jenny Flavell

You can read the prologue of The House with Chicken Legs at the Usborne website.

Could you live in a House with Chicken Legs? Quiz on the BookTrust website.

Why I Love Fairy Tales and My Top Tips for Writing Your Own: a piece I wrote for Just Imagine Story Centre.

Reimagining Fairy Tale Villains: a writing starter I devised for Just Imagine Story Centre.

The Importance of Fairy Tales, and Five Top Tips for Sharing Them: a piece I wrote for National Share a Story Month / Federation of Children’s Book Groups

Five Fairy Tales that Smash Stereotypes: a piece I wrote for Waterstones Blog

7 enchanting children’s books based on fairy tales: a piece I wrote for BookTrust

A blog post by James Mayhew, inspired by The House with Chicken Legs, bursting with references to wonderful Russian art, music and stories.

Shchi for Marinka: a recipe by Chez Maximka inspired by The House with Chicken Legs

I have a few pinterest boards, mostly of fairy tale artwork.

I have a few playlists on YouTube, including a selection of Baba Yaga inspired music.

The 1964 Russian film Morozco (found on YouTube) has a comical scene 44 minutes into the movie where the hero Ivan meets Baba Yaga and her house. 53 minutes in Baba Yaga gives Ivan a coat and magic sleigh, and at 1.10 Baba flies in her mortar and pestle.

Baba Yaga Has Tea with Kostchai the Deathless: a poem by Jane Yolen.

Domovoi and Kikimora: A wordless 5 minute animation made by University students, inspired by Slavic house spirits.