Reader’s Art

This gloriously atmospheric sketch was drawn by Mike Down (@thisbookisbrill). I love the spooky forest surrounding the house, the chicken feet itching to run, and the rushing movement of the bone fence! Truly magical!
Houses drawn by the hugely talented and imaginative Year 6 pupils at JPS Dubai. I love the details; the suckers on the tentacles, the hairs on the spider legs, and the stars flying from the horn shaped chimney! Brilliant!
Houses with Chicken Legs by Sarah McIntyre (LHS) and @CFcomiX (RHS). Both of them utterly BRILLIANT!
dulcie (2)
House with Chicken Legs by Dulcie. The colours are glorious! I would love to ride in a House like this to the fairground – just as Dulcie suggests!
by amy leonard
House with Chicken Legs by Amy Leonard. I love the roof and feathers around the porch!
Glebe Easter bonnet competition. Mini-me is balancing #thehousewithchickenlegs on her head
A House with Chicken Legs Easter Bonnet created by a pupil at Glebe Primary School. Breathtakingly glorious!
Some of the amazing artwork created by Year Two pupils at Glebe Primary School, during a creative writing session with the school librarian. I love the colour and sense of movement in the pictures, and all the hugely imaginative ideas!
The House with Chicken Legs, Baba Yaga, Marinka, and the skull and bone fence recreated with potatoes, creative talent and magic, by Zainab. Amazing! I especially love Baba’s beaky nose, the House’s window eyes, Marinka’s expression, and the perfectly creepy fence.
The House with Chicken Legs, by Darren Matthews. Incredible! I especially love the domed chimney cowl, and the eyes.
The House with Chicken Legs, by Antonia. I love the long legs and window eye!
chicken legs.jpg
Alternative cover design, by Alec. Brilliant! And I love the tag line!