Patron of Reading

porA Patron of Reading is an author or illustrator who works with a school to encourage reading for pleasure. You can find out more about the scheme here.

I am currently Patron of Reading for Sacred Heart Primary School in Barrow, Cumbria. I work with the librarian, Ms Needham, to help pupils find books they love reading. One of the ways I do this is by setting reading challenges.

The current reading challenge is to:

Read a book that involves winter, snow or ice.

Write a paragraph to describe what you liked about the story or draw a picture inspired by the book!

Some of my favourite wintery stories are SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats, PUGS OF THE FROZEN NORTH by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, and POLAR BEAR EXPLORERS’ CLUB by Alex Bell and Tomislav Tomic.

I look forward to hearing what pupils love about these books, and other wintery stories they find in the library!

12 thoughts on “Patron of Reading

  1. Hey Sophie! We have almost finished your book and we are really enjoying it.My favourite part so far is when Marinka meets Nina. I really like the relationship between Marinka and The Old Yaga because she is really helpful and supportive now that Baba is gone. I like the phrase ‘ Ignoring the beautiful blue sky,the calmly lapping waves,’ because it was really effective and I could picture the beach really well and it looked beautiful!
    I am looking forward to entering the competition.
    Lilly Waite


  2. Hi Sophie,in the borrowers book club we have been reading your book which is the house with chicken legs and i wanted to tell you my thoughts on the book!First i really enjoyed the death journey words as they were very emotional sentences as they nearly made me cry!Second of all i loved the part at the beginning when it said “A lonely, beak place at the edge of civilization as it nestles in dark forbidden woods ,rattles on windswept icy tundra,and hides in crumbling ruins at the far edge of cities.”
    Alfie Beattie

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  3. Hi Sophie we are the borrowers book club!I have been enjoying reading this magnificent book full of really descriptive description.The way that Marinka is desparatley trying to make friends and the twist with Baba going through the gate and the house crumbling really surprised me.
    Evan Beach


  4. Hello Sophie!
    I’m in Sacred Heart reading club.We are currently reading The House With Chicken Legs (we are on page 245). My favourite part is when Baba left Marinka because now Marinka has to learn how to be on her own. A phrase is ‘It nestles in the dark forbidden woods, rattles on windswept icy tundra and hides in crumbling ruins at the far edge of cities.
    Amelia Bowron


  5. Hi Sophie! I’m in the borrowers book club and I heard about your reading challenge! I got sky song from the library in the summer and I really enjoyed it! One of my favourite characters was Eska and Balapan because they have such a strong bond for a young girl and an eagle. My favourite part was either when she was reunited with her father or when she found out that her parents were also wanderers! Overall, I would rate this book a 9/10 because I wasn’t to keen on the ice queen.
    From Lilly
    (P.S we tried the honey bread from your book and it was delicious and we’ve also just made our entries for your compotition and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve created!)

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