The Thief Who Sang Storms

Nominated for the 2023 Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing. A Waterstones Best Book of 2022.

Illustrated by Joanna Lisowiec.

The Island of Morovia is shaped like a broken heart. The humans live on one side of the island, and the alkonosts – the bird-people – live on the other. But it wasn’t always this way…

Linnet wishes she could sing magic, like her father, Nightingale – and bring the two sides of her island together again. For her land has been divided by a terrible tragedy, and Linnet has been banished with her father to the deepest swamps, leaving behind her best friends, Hero and Silver.

So when her father is captured, Linnet must be brave and embark on a treacherous journey. Through alligator pools and sinking sands, she finds new friends. Yet without her singing magic, Linnet discovers something even more powerful. Something that could save her father, and heal the broken heart of her island once more…

With themes of grief, trust, love, and that we have more in common than that which divides us, this is a heartfelt book filled with adventure and stunning storytelling from bestselling Sophie Anderson.

“A story of the dangers of division and the world-saving power of unity, with her fourth novel Anderson cements her place as one of my all-time favourite storytellers.” Kiran Millwood Hargrave, multi-award winning author of Julia and the Shark

“Themes of division, community and kindness are woven into this spellbinding adventure from one of my favourite contemporary children’s writers.” Fiona Noble, The Bookseller Editor’s Choice  

“Anderson delivers convincing, inviting worldbuilding, wide in scope, lovely in its evocation of landscapes, and entrancing in descriptions of foods, crafts, clothing, and feathers. Impressively different and captivating.” Kirkus Reviews

Available from all good bookshops, including WaterstonesBlackwellsSam Read Books, and Hive. An audiobook, read by Katherine Press, is available from Audible.