The Thief Who Sang Storms Resources

Teaching Resources produced by Usborne & Shapes for Schools

Design Your Own Magical Map Activity

Introduction and Reading by Authorfy

The Castle Of Tangled Magic Resources

Resource pack for teachers and librarians produced by Usborne

Read-Along videos to accompany the resource pack (external link)

Map of The Land of Forbidden Magic

The Girl Who Speaks Bear Resources

CILIP Carnegie Shadowing Resources

Carnegie page, includes filmed interview and writing challenge (external link)

A video reading of the prologue (external link)

Map of The Snow Forest

The House With Chicken Legs Resources

Teachers’ Notes produced by Usborne

CILIP Carnegie Shadowing Resources produced by CLPE

Video Masterclasses and Scheme of Work by Authorfy (external link)

Teaching Ideas by Ashley Booth published by Teach Primary


Shchi for Marinka: a recipe by Chez Maximka (external link)

Pryaniki for Yanka: a recipe by Chez Maximka (external link)