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Baba Yaga Factsheet

Design Your Own Home With Legs

Russian Foods Wordsearch

Reimagining Fairy Tales 1: Change the Setting

Reimagining Fairy Tales 2: Telling the Villain’s Story

Five Russian Fairytale Characters to Inspire Creative Writing (with Writing Prompts)

Baba’s Vegetable Borsch (Recipe)

Marinka’s Spiced Honey Bread (Recipe)

Guide the Sole (A Yaga Game)

Q & A with Sophie Anderson

Glossary of Russian and other words used in The House with Chicken Legs

I’m working on adding more content here soon – if you have any suggestions or requests I’d love to hear them!

External links:

You can read the prologue of The House with Chicken Legs at the Usborne website.

I have a few pinterest boards, mostly of fairy tale artwork.

I have a few playlists on YouTube, including a selection of Baba Yaga inspired music.

The 1964 Russian film Morozco (found on YouTube) has a comical scene 44 minutes into the movie where the hero Ivan meets Baba Yaga and her house. 53 minutes in Baba Yaga gives Ivan a coat and magic sleigh, and at 1.10 Baba flies in her mortar and pestle.

Baba Yaga Has Tea with Kostchai the Deathless: a poem by Jane Yolen.

Domovoi and Kikimora: A wordless 5 minute animation made by University students, inspired by Slavic house spirits.